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Company Name Nippon Gondola Co.,ltd.
Company Address | Head office YaesuTakaracho Building 6F, 1-18-1 Kyobashi, Cyuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0031, Japan
President Masanori Sannomiya
Date founded March 22,1966
Constructive permission number General constructive industry National traffic minister of state permission (般-18) 9457
Business contents Machine instrument installation construction industry
Paid-in capital 100,000,000 Yen
Number of employees 132(June,2018)
Principal customer Domestic major company general contractor
TEL General Administration Department


FAX General Administration Department


1961 Nippon Gondola Co., Ltd. was established.
1964 Company business expanded by building construction rush by Tokyo Olympics and operation start of Tokaido Shinkansen Line(Bullet Line).
1970 1970 Company business expanded by building construction rush at Kansai area by International Exhibition in Osaka.
1972 Company business expanded by building construction rush at Sapporo and Okinawa return to Japan from USA.
1974 Start the exportation of gondola system to Korea. Installed the gondola system to Hotel New Otani which is over 150m height.
1975 Installed the gondola system to Yasuda Fire and Marine Insurance building which is over 200m height. This is the first automatic washing gondola system.
1976 Start the exportation of gondola system to Taiwan, R.O.C..
1977 Start the exportation of gondola system to Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.
1978 Installed the gondola system to Shin-Tokyo International Air Port.
1979 Installed automatic washing gondola system to Keio Plaza Hotel in Shinjuku,Tokyo.
1978 Company business expanded by building construction rush in Sendai and Niigata area by operation start of Tohoku, Joetsu Shinkansen Line.
1983 1983 Start the exportation of gondola system to P.R.O.C..
1984 Installed automatic washing gondola system to Daikan Insurance Headquarters Building in Korea as first automatic system in Asia except Japan. Lifting Height:250m
1990 Installed the gondola system to New Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office Building. Lifting Height:243m
1995 Installed the gondola systems to Di Wang project building at Shenzhen in P.R.O.C..Lifting Height:310m
1997 Installed the gondola system to Nagoya Dome.
1998 Installed 2 sets of automatic washing gondola systems to LDC-H6 project in Hong Kong as second automatic unit in Asia.
1999 Installed the gondola system to JR Nagoya twin TowerBuilding. Lifting Height:205m
2000 Installation work for automatic washing gondola and etc. at Harumi Redevelopment in Tokyo have started. Lifting Height:200m
Completion of gondola installation work for Sapporo Dome in Hokkido.
2001 Total supplied gondolas exceeded more than 4000 sets through whole world.
2005 Establishment of Mito Factory.
2006 45 years anniversary of company establishment.
2008 Ibaraki factory (renamed from Mito factory) moved to Kasama city, Ibaraki prefecture
2012 Inherited business of Tohoku Rasa Kikai Co., Ltd., and establish Miyagi factory.
2016 55 years anniversary of company establishment.

message from President

Growth of enterprise by It's staff!!

There is "Growth of company, by its staff" as one of our motto.Company’s growth is depends on the staff talent and safeness is also by the staff. When we survey the word “Gondola”, airship, aerostat, ropeway and etc.. The most famous one as gondola is a black painted flat bottomed boat which is used at Venice in Italy.

Further, the most familiar one is the gondola at amusement park and skiing area. In the field what we design, manufacturing, sales, installation and maintenance is the facilities for cleaning and maintenance of building façade.

Keep pacing with the trend in building field, high rise building became popular and necessitate of gondola facilities focused the spotlight of attention. Nowadays, gondola is the popular in the construction field though, when I was freshman, many confused questions and inquiries gondola at skiing area and etc. were given to us.

Gondola facilities, by the diversifications of building shapes, no same gondolas are exist. Even standardization of gondola is carried out, it is only a small portion. From designing to manufacturing, the almost gondolas are regarded to be a just handmade as these are manufactured to fit to individual building.

The operating the gondola and work safely is the human power. The operation itself, it is not difficult. Anybody can operate the gondola after getting special education on gondola. Accordingly, depending on the operator, safeness may vary dramatically. Diversification of building shape, gondola facilities have been varied.Variety of conditions are required and gondolas with complicated sequence motions have been increased.

To master the contents on how to operate and maintain, manuals are provided. Nowadays, not only special education but thorough comprehension by reading of manuals is essential regarding the safeness.

I had been carried out the special education on gondola. During that time, I made it a rule to advise

"Safeness is brought by individual operator. Don’t take things easy as operation is simple. If you think that such a small thing is nothing, it may cause the big accident even such simple operation of gondola. The matter which you have to fulfill must keep. The matter which is not permitted to carry out shall be absolutely prohibited. If you keep such matters, work may be carried out safely and do read through the manual." The safeness of gondola is materialized by many peoples who belong to design, manufacturing, installation, maintenance and operation.

Depending on the peoples, the gondola become right or wrong. The facts shall be kept in your mind on such company growth and safeness are by the staff and so, we have to pay attention carefully on safeness from now on.

President Masanori Sannomiya