Jib Arm Model Drum Winding Type(4-Wire)

FU-42(Track Type) / FU-40(Trackless Type)

Jib Arm Model Drum Winding Type(4-Wire)

This time proven superstar of jib arm Gondolas performs best on tall and ultra tall Skyscrapers.

This New Type is the Latest Stage in Our Evolution of High Technology. It is Ready for the Era of Ultra-Tali Skyscrapers.

Four wires are used on the work platform to enhance safety and stability when working on ultra-high buildings.

Change the length of the arm to meet special maintenance needs, such as working on set-back or overhanging areas.

The Jib Arm Type is our most popular gondola. The enhanced safety of four wires makes it the perfect choice for high and ultrahigh buildings.

construction results:1st square building
1st square building

construction results:Metropolitan Plaza building
Metropolitan Plaza building