Jib Arm Model Drum Winding Type(2-Wire)

FU-22(Track Type) / FU20(Trackless Type)

Jib Arm Model Drum Winding Type(2-Wire)

The Best Selling Unit for Low and Meduium Height Buildings.

A Wide Range of Models to Meet a Wide Range of Applications.

The Jib Arm Model is perfect for low- and medium-height buildings that do not have any overhead restric- tions. The jib arms can be raised or lowered to precisely position the work platform for safe and efficient mainte-nance.

Travel along the roof top can be done with or without tracks. This type of selection along with a range of models allows the exact system for the job to be used. The solid rubber tires on the trackless type are designed not to damage the traveling surface.

There are two wire ropes suspending the work platform. The wires and platform are designed to ensure safety at all times.

construction results:Kanematsu building
Kanematsu building

construction results:Canon shimomaruko buliding
Canon shimomaruko buliding