DeckType and Chair Type

DeckType and Chair Type

Offering an Uncomplicated Solution for Low and Medium Height Buildings.

The Lifting and Lowering Unit is Built Into the Work Platform, Dramatically Easing Installation Requirements and Enhancing Versatility. Both the Deck Type and the Chair Type have the lifting lowering unit built into the work platform or chair.

This unit uses an "endless winder" suspended from an over head location to engage with this unit and lift or lower the work platform. The work platform itself has casters so it can be removed from the wire and easily rolled away, It can also be mounted on a roof or other area using fixtures.

When mounting fixtures are used on the rooftop, it can operate with or without a track. Since it conies with a monorail design, it can run along the parapet of a building by using special attaehments, such as a divot arm.

This is the perfect unit for Sow- and mediumheight buildings with relatively small amounts of glass.

construction results:Edo Tokyo Museum
Edo Tokyo Museum

construction results:Aomori Prefecture Tourinst Center
Aomori Prefecture Tourinst Center